Union LM Reports And Taxation

One of our expertise is preparing LM reports for Unions, and preparation of the Form 990s. Veneranda Toledo, EA has years of experience working with various Unions in preparation of the LM Reports and Taxation Reporting Requirements

DOL has strict compliance requirements and the Officers of the Unions faces severe penalties when reporting is not done or is not done accurately. These reports are due at the end of March each year.

We are also available to train officers how to do their own bookkeeping so that it is easy to prepare LM Reports. We can also do the bookkeeping for minimal charges. With the use of technology, distance is not an issue. We travel for the initial set up and maintenance is done online.

Our fees are very reasonable because we understand the budgets of the Unions.

For more information please email vene@greenfieldsfinancial.com.

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