With Assisted Direct Deposit (ADD), Emerald Tax Services customers may choose to have their refunds (less tax preparation and other related fees) deposited directly into their personal bank accounts. The refund balance is available in approximately 13 to 20 days.

Emerald Tax Services also offers a refund option for state income tax refunds. Like the ADD for federal income tax refunds, the state income tax refund is made available through direct deposit into the customerís personal bank account.

Some of our customers are not in a hurry to receive their refunds. These customers are more likely to choose one of the IRS Direct options, or they may wish to pay for tax preparation services at the point of sale. Those who select the IRS Direct option can receive their refunds directly from the IRS; and, when they use direct deposit, they can have their refunds deposited into their personal bank accounts within 11 to 17 days. They can also choose to have their refunds mailed to them directly by the IRS within 18 to 21 days when they file electronically.

Also Available:

Clients will be able to get an immediate advance against their anticipated refund amount within the hour. This product is offered to new and returning Emerald Tax Services customers who qualify and apply for a Refund Anticipation Loan, and who file their return electronically. It is available for federal refunds only.

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