Express Service

Express service is designed so that you never need to step into our offices. Send us the documentation of your income, expenses and pertinent documentation via any method you feel comfortable with (email, fax, courier service or mail just name a few). Make sure you include good contact information in case we have any questions.

Emerald Tax Service will prepare the taxes and send you a copy of the taxes for your review and approval. Once you approve the returns and remit (or approve fee deduction from refund) we will transmit your returns to the IRS and/or appropriate State Agency.

Note on method of transmitting your tax documentation:

  • Personal delivery to our office in riverside located at the below listed address. Benefit here is that you know that the documentation was received and who received it.
  • Fax is a secure way of sending the documentation, as your documents will print in an area strictly controlled by our employees and would be one of the recommended methods of delivering your documentation. Our Fax number is (951) 781-9303.
  • Courier, such as Fed-Ex, Airborne, DHL or UPS, is also a secure method to delivering your documentation.

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7000 Indiana Ave #118
Riverside California 92506
Phone: 951- 275-9986
Fax: 951- 275-9088
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