Emerald Accounting & Tax Services

EMERALD ACCOUNTING AND TAX SERVICES, the tax and accounting division of GREENFIELDS, provides professional accounting services to small business as well as corporate accounts nationwide. With our team of highly-qualified and experienced staff, your business is assured of accurate and timely financial data and reports.

We specialize in:

  • Accounting System Set-up
  • Bookkeeping for small and medium businesses
  • Outsourced corporate accounting
  • Mortgage Banking Accounting
  • Reconciliation of accounts
  • Reconstruction of books
  • Union Accounting & LM Reports

Let our team take care of your accounting tasks so you can focus on what you do best, that is growing your business.

Call us at (951) 275-9986 to discuss the unique requirements of your business.

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Contact Information
7000 Indiana Ave #118
Riverside California 92506
Phone: 951- 275-9986
Fax: 951- 275-9088
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